A First Look As Black Rabbit Release Their Tranche IV Collection

Black Rabbit seem to be taking the nature of their furry little namesake. They are extraordinarily prolific.

It’s only been a year since Black Rabbit exploded into our consciousness with a much needed new take on the rather well-milked military aesthetic.

“Tranches” of “Series III Clothing.” What Does That Even Mean?

Black Rabbit’s mission is to create, “something entirely new using building blocks from the past.” Instead of looking for inspiration in the military of the US or UK, they find their building blocks from the mysterious Series III clothing. A range of military garments from the old Soviet world.

Since we first learned about Black Rabbit, they have dropped three Tranches (collections), each building upon the last. This is Tranche IV which introduces a couple of new pieces and revisits some of the originals in new materials. It will be out for the S/S 2016 season.

Shop The Ranges At Left Field NYC

2 Highlights of the Tranche IV Collection

The star of the new tranche must be the overall. Drawing on many of the unique features from both the tops and bottoms, it is great to see a young brand being brave enough to introduce a piece like this. It looks tremendous on the image as a stand alone piece, but we can’t wait to see shots coming through paired up with the other parts of the collection.

Being as we are all denimheads; bleeding blue through and through, it would be remiss not to mention the Torque shirt as well. Previously seen in black cotton twill, it is now available in an indigo chambray. Fantastic! The chambray gives the shirt an entirely new look, much more workwear, allowing for a new aesthetic when combining the rest of the Black Rabbit collection.

Where To Get This Stuff?

Well, the great news is that Black Rabbit’s garments are available over on the Rope Dye webstore! Head over for a detailed look at each individual piece.