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Cone Mills White Oak to Close: “It’s a gut punch”

After over a century of denim manufacture, White Oak Plant closes its doors with the loss of 200 highly-skilled jobs.


New Release: The Ultra-delicious Red Wing Heritage leather goods collection

Red Wing Shoes harness a century of craftsmanship to create a range of leather accessories. We all know Red Wing, perhaps we all love Red Wing. The range of shoes and boots manufactured by the Minnesota-based company is renowned for its durability, design, construction quality and, of course, the leather. No Surprise Here Then It should […]


So what the hell happened to the Rope Dye Vlog?

The Rope Dye Vlog is back. And better than ever. We hope. About a year ago, probably over a beer or three at the Rope Dye HQ, a thought occurred to us. What would happen if we took all the passion we have for denim and well-crafted menswear, and instead of writing it down, talked […]

Butts and Shoulders New Colourways

Natural Butts, Cognac Butts, Brown Butts and Black Butts. Oh, and Shoulders.

Dutch leather masters, Butts and Shoulders, add three new types of leather to their range of all leather bags, boots and shoes.


Red Wing Team Up with Eat Dust to Create A Peco Boot That’s Truly “One for the Road”

Down in Munich, the wild bunch descended upon the Statement Store to celebrate the release of a rather special pair of Red Wings.


Under the hood with David Strong of Freenote Cloth

Freenote has a run of jeans with the Red Wing 877 ORO LEGACY leather used as the back patch. Clearly, these guys have something to say. We find out more.

Levis Vintage Clothing Autumn Winter 2017 - 2018

Explore the Frontier with Levi’s Vintage Clothing Autumn Winter Collection

Going into Fall/Winter, the new collection from Levi’s Vintage Clothing looks to the early years of the company for inspiration.

Recycled Denim in Pakistan -Ropedye

Heddels Investigate Sustainability in Pakistan

In the messy business of clothing manufacture, there are people out there looking to reduce their impact on the environment. Our friends at Heddels investigate how.

TCB Rope Dye Interview

Exclusive Interview: Hajime Inoue of TCB Jeans.

In this in depth and exclusive interview, Rope Dye gets to know the new guard of Japanese denim, Hajime Inoue of TCB Jeans.

Tenue de Nîmes Menno's Pablo Jeans

To Dye For: Menno’s Pablo jeans, after 24 months’ hard graft

Naturally, the founder of Tenue de Nîmes would be wearing the jeans he put his store’s name on. We see the results of his 24 months of hard wear.