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Hepville Custom Clothing: Grey Tweed Scarf

Hepville Custom Clothing Grey Tweed Scarf Denimhunters

This traditional men’s scarf made from premium Scottish wool tweed and has hand-fringed edges.

79.00 Inc. VAT where appropriate.

SKU: 100160.


Description: This scarf is made from traditional Scottish wool tweed and all edges are hand-fringed.

Features: With a length of 170 cm, the scarf is long enough to be wrapped around an average-sized neck three times. The 25 cm width makes it neither too small nor too big no matter how you wear it.

Construction: The scarf is fringed on all edges by hand. To prevent the fringes from unravelling, the edges are also sewn by machine.

Materials: All materials are exclusively used for Hepville’s Denimhunters collection. The 100% wool tweed, also known as the Gamekeeper tweed, is heavy and for a fabric like this it is soft and not itchy, which is naturally important when used for a scarf that you wear next to your skin.

Made in: All Hepville items are handmade by trained bespoke tailor Bela Ujhazy in his studio in Bremen, Germany.

Special delivery: Please note that this item is made to order and will be ready for dispatch within the first week of October, 2015.

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