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New Release from Ginew: “WE WALK TOGETHER” Blanket Lined HERITAGE COAT

Teaming up with the archetype blanket mill, Pendleton, Ginew brings their Native American Heritage to bear on their latest release. Our friends over in Portland, Ginew just dropped something very cool. G-who? Ok, you’re right. Sorry, I have not caught you up on these guys before. Ginew is just one of these brands where you […]

Pure Blue Japan Trade Show

Great Jeans, Behind the Scenes: Selvedge Run Trade Show

A few weeks back we brought you an insight into the fashion trade show. We discussed their importance in the industry, what goes on behind the closed doors and why they are essential to getting you good jeans. But we did promise to take you behind the scenes during the Berlin fashion week. Matt headed […]


ULLAC, the Denim Brand Doing it Differently: Exclusive Interview!

Two fabric tubes, a theft and a meeting a huge Finnish dude in a McDonald’s carpark. It’s an unlikely start to this fascinating brand. It is a compelling concept Gavin, Chris and Kyle of ULLAC have. Or perhaps the concept is not the key to this brand. It is the execution. They have a direct to […]


Heddels x PF Flyers Mercury All American sneakers. They are out of this world

Heddels and PF Flyers join forces to create a seriously cool limited-edition addition to your shoe rack. All the details are on Rope Dye.


A Decade Of DENHAM: The 10 Year Anniversary Book from the Jean Maker

Denham the Jean Maker turns 10 this year. They celebrate by looking back on the last 10 years with a book documenting the journey so far.


What is a Fashion Trade Show and why is it Essential to getting you Good Jeans

The fashion trade show is an entity regarded with some mystique, we go behind the curtain to discover what it’s all about. January’s here and what does that mean? Fashion Week! Twice a year brands, buyers, press and all other sorts of industry professionals, a gather together for any number of Fashion Weeks. You’ve got […]

Benzak Denim Developers BDD 006 Special No.1

The Big Raw Denim Reveal: Matt’s New Jeans!

The proof is in the pudding! Matt puts his money where his mouth is and reveals his new raw selvedge denim project jeans in the latest Rope Dye vlog. Let’s hear from the horse’s mouth, Matt what did you go for? Drumroll Please! I went for the Benzak Denim Developers BDD-006 Special No 1.  But […]


Rope Dye Roundup: Finding Your Perfect Selvedge Denim Jeans!

As the Rope Dye guide to finding your perfect raw selvedge denim jeans moves into its final stage, let’s take a moment to refresh our memory. We’re on the home stretch. Over the past few vlogs we’ve discussed the essentials of getting the perfect pair of raw, selvedge denim jeans. Those are: Budget Fit Denim […]


5 White Oak Denim Jeans You Need in Your Collection!

With the Closing of the White Oak Plant, this might be your last chance to invest in a pair of jeans cut from truly “Made in USA” denim. By now you will have heard the news. The icon of American made quality and manufacture, Cone Mills White Oak Plant is due to close its doors […]



Going in depth with Joe & Co. in our first ever video review! We take a close look at Joe’s new jeans and discuss fabric, fit and detailing. Arriving in the post the other day was a pair of Joe & Co. JCS-COLLIER-369 jeans. So what better time to start something I have had in the […]