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ROOKTOWN: 1950's Rider Bag

Rooktown 1950s Rider Bag-

The 50’s Rider Bag is made from a deadstock sailor bag and has a unique, double folding closure and an iPad sleeve.

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Description: The 50’s Rider Bag is one of the latest ROOKTOWN designs. It’s build to wear while riding a motorcycle and fits snugly on your back.

Features: The bag has a unique slanted design when you put it on, which makes it easy to access while on the road with your bike. The length of the strap can be adjusted and the bag can be closed with the diagonal strap in either of the two buckles. This unique design means that the bag can always be safely close, no matter how much gear you stuff it with. It has a sleeve inside made from white WWII-era linen, which is sized to fit an iPad and is screen printed with the ROOKTOWN logo.

Construction: It’s made of a deadstock dark navy canvas sailor bag with either the year 1952, 1953 or 1954 stamped inside. ROOKTOWN modify the original bag and then sew on the leather details by hand.

Materials: The leather straps and details date from somewhere between early 1930s and the 1940s. The leather is carefully cleaned and then oiled with Red Wing Mink Oil. The only new materials are the thread and the rivets.

Made in: Like all ROOKTOWN Revival items, the 50’s Rider Bag is assembled, sewn, and screen printed by hand in Malmö, Sweden by the founders of ROOKTOWN, Micke and Fredrik.

Colour info: This item is made from repurposed vintage and deadstock components. No two items are identical! Twill and leather colours may vary from the specific item pictured.

Size: The bag measures 34 cm in length, 11 cm in width, and 40 cm in height (which expands to 50 cm). All the measurements are approximate and may differ slightly from bag to bag.

Special delivery: Please note that this item is made to order with a manufacturing time of 1-2 weeks from the time you place your order.

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