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video how to buy raw denim selvedge denim jeans

Finding Your Perfect Jeans: Part 1, Setting Your Budget

Raw Denim Jeans. “How To” 101 As this is the first episode in the “how to” guide for getting the perfect pair of raw denim jeans, I think it is important to nail down the one thing which will have the most influence on the jeans you end up with. And that is Price. I […]

Hand-Dyed Indigo Converse Chuck Taylors

Two of the Denim City’s Greats come together to bring us hand-dyed Indigo Converse Chuck Taylors

Indigo-Dyed Chucks. First-World Problem Solved I remember when I first got into denim and started trawling the blogs and forums for more info. One of the questions that came up far too often was, “how do I stop my new jeans turning my Cons blue?” There were some funny answers. Spraying the inside of your […]


A Refined Take on the Classic Alpine Boot by Oak Street Bootmakers

Oak Street Alpine When The North Wind Blows Championed by the likes of the Portland-based Danner Boots, the Alpine boot has found a place in the heart of many a denimhead, lumbersexual or just someone who is looking for a fine, handsome pair of boots to ward off the chill. A New Take on the […]


The New Denim Direction for Rope Dye with Our First Video Blog

Something New for You. Over here at Rope Dye, we want to try something a little new for you guys. We are going to take advantage all this new-fangled tech and start our very own video blog or Vlog, as the kids are calling it these days. What’s it all about? Well, it is about […]


Ande Whall is Doing F*#king What Now?

Sad news from denim artisan, Ande Whall. From the 18th of November, he will be closing up shop. But there is still time to get your hands on a pair!


For Once the Rumours Were True: The Red Wing Shoes Women’s Collection

Rope Dye chats to Kay Knipschild of Red Wing Berlin, Hamburg and Munich about the new women’s collection from the renowned shoe manufacturer, Red Wing.


Nigel Cabourn Goes Dutch With Atelier de l’Armée on his Latest Collab.

Nigel, Head to Toe If you have ever crossed paths with the gregarious character that is Nigel Cabourn, you will know that he is always decked out head to toe in his own brand. That mix of vintage military inspiration and vintage utility garments with the modern know-how is so distinctive, nothing else would do […]


Take a look at the 6000-year-old grand daddy of your Blue Jeans

Think those blue jeans from 100 years ago are old? You ain’t seen nothing yet! Take a look at the 6000-year-old indigo grand daddy of your blue jeans.


A True Feast for the Eyes: Levi’s Vintage Clothing Lookbook for Winter 2016

Levi’s have chosen the revolution in American art during the mid-1940s to inspire their Autumn/Winter 2016 collection. Take a closer look at their lookbook and find your inner Pollock!


The Tinkering Tailors from Art Comes First (A.C.F.) Turn to Denham for their latest Collab.

Jason and his team invited the hugely influential designers, stylists and all-round creatives; Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh of Art Comes First to give their own unique take on the Denham style.



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