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Take a look at the 6000-year-old grand daddy of your Blue Jeans

Think those blue jeans from 100 years ago are old? You ain’t seen nothing yet! Take a look at the 6000-year-old indigo grand daddy of your blue jeans.


A True Feast for the Eyes: Levi’s Vintage Clothing Lookbook for Winter 2016

Levi’s have chosen the revolution in American art during the mid-1940s to inspire their Autumn/Winter 2016 collection. Take a closer look at their lookbook and find your inner Pollock!

The Tinkering Tailors from Art Comes First (A.C.F.) Turn to Denham for their latest Collab.

The Tinkering Tailors from Art Comes First (A.C.F.) Turn to Denham for their latest Collab.

Jason and his team invited the hugely influential designers, stylists and all-round creatives; Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh of Art Comes First to give their own unique take on the Denham style.

PM Leather Belt on Rope Dye

PM Leather. A Belt Which Also Keeps Your Jeans Up (NSFW)

With 330g of 3mm thick chrome-tanned New Zealand cowhide, copper rivets, and gleaming steel in each and every one, the PM Leather belt has an altogether kinkier side


The Price is Right – Benzak Brings Design, Sewing and Sourcing Back to European Shores.

Benzak Denim Developers release an entirely new line of jeans and tops, bringing the manufacture back to European shores. Lennaert Nijgh gives us an exclusive inside interview.

Lee-Cooper The Cooper Collection

Lee Cooper Shock The Known Universe With The Cooper Collection

Cor Blimey Guv! Lee Cooper are going way back to their original East London roots with the launch of their selvedge Cooper Collection.

PF Flyers x Gitman Vintage Bros.-Ropedye-17

All-American Sneakers: PF Flyers x Gitman Bros Deliver The Best of Both Brands

Two thoroughbred brands, The Gitman Bros. Vintage and PF Flyers, unveil their all-American sneaker collaboration and we take a closer look.


A Look at Selvedge Run, Matt Wilson’s Other Gig.

Our editor, Matt Wilson also helps to run Berlin’s Selvedge Run menswear show which is becoming a cornerstone of the Berlin Fashion Week scene. Here’s his very personal take on what it is and how it has blossomed.

Askania Bremen BRE-71X RopeDye

The Askania Bremen. The Coolest Watch You Have Never Heard Of

Chris Ackland from London brought us the story of his Askania Bremen BRE-71X watch and politely asked whether we think as much of it as he does. Yup, certainly to dye for!

PRPS What Is Your Purpose Rope Dye

PRPS Asks The Question, What’s Your Purpose?

PRPS. Getting Personal With Other Free-Thinkers Donwan Harrell, creative director and founder of PRPS, positively burns with inspiration. The head of this luxury denim brand speaks with unswerving clarity about what he sees is his art and how he projects that on to the canvas that is each season’s new collection. It is about grit, […]



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