Zip Fly

The zipper was invented in 1893 and perfected in 1913. Originally it was called the hookless fastener. After sanforization of denim fabrics became institutionalized, the zipper was more widely [...]


A long, continuous length of spun fibres. Used for the production of fabric through the process of weaving. Source: Nouvelle de Nîmes Nº 5: The Denim Dictionary


The name of the model jeans made by Levi’s before 1890, when they introduced the name 501, meaning ‘Double Extra Heavy’. However, the XX symbols have been present on the tag until 1968, [...]


Prior to the great overseas voyages in the 16th and 17th century, woad was the European version of indigo and was the primary blue dye for textiles. Woad is also a plant, which can be used to [...]


Denim is graded in terms of weight per square yard of fabric, in three categories: light, medium and heavy. The material usually weighs from 5 oz. to 20 oz., although exceptions of extremes like [...]


A term that is thrown about a lot these days, but it means anything from the past, or second hand, when clothing happens to have been worn previously. Generally clothing older than 25 years is [...]