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Rope Dye is entering another phase, and we are now offering a smart, determined individual the opportunity to really put some meat on their resumé.

Editorial Intern

You know menswear inside out because it is one of your true passions. You’re a natural communicator – and a talented one at that – and you’re dead-set on forging a career in digital journalism. Sounds like you? Here’s the deal.

You’ll join us for a period of three months with a set series of goals and a clear idea of what you wish to achieve during your time working with Rope Dye. These are the types of task where you will be sharpening your skills.

  • Sourcing and preparing articles from news feeds, brand communications and via your own curiosity.
  • Selecting images which will engage the reader and compel them to dive into your sizzling copy.
  • Writing and posting nuggets for and on social media.
  • Optimising existing Rope Dye content to make it even more accessible to our readers.
  • Assisting the Editor with content planning.
  • Communicating with non-native English-speaking contributors and subbing their copy.

English is probably your mother tongue, but there again, you might just be able to kid everyone that it is and, ideally, you will be based in Western or Central Europe.

We will provide you with continuous constructive feedback and, at the end of your time will us, you will receive a written, signed reference as a testament to your achievements.

Step 1: Fill in the form below and upload examples of your perfect prose.

Step 2: Head over to our store, because you’ll be enjoying anything you fancy at cost price while you work with us.