This Man’s Denim Dream Was Shattered by Noisy Neighbours

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Men’s File Creative Director Use Humour and Sarcasm to Portray How Serious Indigofera Take Their Denim

Nick Clements is the brains behind one of the most renowned heritage lifestyle publications out there; Men’s File. Earlier this year, he went to Sweden to visit co-founder of Indigofera, Mats Andersson in Stockholm to do research for an article about the brand. Spending the day immersed in serious talks about denim, Nick got the idea to do a short video portraying Mats’ passion. The result is quite funny and a little sarcastic.

Nick Clements and Mats Andersson had bumped into each other a few times and talked about doing something together. They arranged to do an article for the upcoming Men’s File magazine that will hit the shelves of you local denim retailer in early 2015.

While visiting Mats in his private home outside Stockholm, Nick shot the photage for this video. Sales representative for Indigofera, Kari Salmela describes it as a “nice to have” side project; something Nick just spontaneously did. The video is shot outside Mats’ house in his driveway and garden.

Great to See a Serious Brand With Humour

Indigofera is a serious brand. They are not joking around when it comes to how they market their high quality products. It’s great to see them loosen up a little. A Clements-esque touch is that the words and subtitles in the video don’t entirely match up, which our Swedish readers will surely notice.

A side note for the pistonheads; the car is a 1971 Dodge Charger 500 with a modified 383 ci. (6.3L) V8 an a 727 automatic transmission. It does 0-60 mph in about 4 seconds. The car belongs to a friend of the Indigofera guys. The bike is Kari’s own – he’s the one riding it by the way.

We’re looking forward to the Indigofera article in the next Men’s File. If you want to know more how serious Indigofera takes their garments, read more here about the first jeans they ever did, which came with a €1000 price tag.

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