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These Military Inspired Garments Have a Mysterious Past

Earlier this year, I did my very own European denim pilgrimage, strictly for Rope Dye “official” business, you understand (wink). In Spain, I met Iu Franquesa of Companion Denim, in the UK it was Alexander Leathers, and my last stop was Amsterdam. Here I found this great military inspired brand with a somehow mysterious past.

How I Discovered Black Rabbit in Amsterdam

Amsterdam was denim overload, where does one begin? Tenue De Nîmes, Denham, Red Wing, K.O.I., and the whole Nine Streets area.

Whilst there I also took the opportunity to take part in an indigo dyeing workshop run by Celia Geraedts at her Blue Print Amsterdam pop up store. Fascinating in every way including the people who accompanied me on the course.

Also attending the workshop was Lennaert Nijgh of Benzak Denim Developers and Roos Brancovich. As the day and the dyeing went on, naturally the topic of denim came up, and then garments, inspiration, and style. These guys are a font of knowledge and insight into the industry.

It turned out that Roos was working with her husband, Leo Velimir Brancovich, on their own collection of clothing. Then, things got really exciting.

The Concept of Black Rabbit Ticks All the Right Boxes

As Roos explained about Black Rabbit, all the right things were mentioned to really capture a Rope Dye imagination. A great story behind the inception. Unique personalities behind the brand. Military inspired from a mysterious source.

It was early days at this point, but we exchanged details and stayed in touch. Then, a couple of weeks ago, the mail came in. Black Rabbit was ready to launch.

First Impression of the Garments; They Are Fucking Cool

The Black Rabbit website went live on the November 20. Before that, I got a sneak peak and, man, it was hard to keep a lid on it. This gear is just downright fucking cool. No other way to describe it.

The fabric, the detailing, and the hardware is on point. Combine this with the tailoring, silhouette, and sheer practicality and you have a series of unique garments you just don’t see the likes of.

Black Rabbit Proves That Heritage Is Far From Dead

From here on in, whenever I hear someone echoing the general view that military inspired heritage is done s/he will be abruptly booted in the direction of Black Rabbit.

We will be bringing you the full tale behind the collection in the coming days. In the meantime, take a moment to browse through the pictures in the slider above. There is also plenty of info on the Black Rabbit website.

Black Rabbit is proudly sold through the Rope Dye store. See the collection here!

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