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Indigo Couture Makes the World’s Greenest T-Shirt (It’s Blue)

The Memory of A T-Shirt From the 80s and Five Years of Research Have Resulted In the Indigo Couture Natural Indigo T-Shirts

Natural indigo, GOTS certified organic cotton, guaranteed sweatshop-free. If these promises pique your interest, then you’ll probably be even more thrilled to see how Indigo Couture has made it all tangible in one single garment that is not a pair of jeans!

Indigo Couture is an Australian one-man-brand founded by Philip Florance. After more than four decades in the fashion business, Philip had grown tired of the set ways of doing things. The memory of an indigo, yarn-dyed T-shirt that he had worn to shreds in the 80s gave him the idea to start Indigo Couture. But, it would prove challenging to find a supplier that could meet his high demands. Now, he has launched the brand’s first limited edition run of vintage biker-themed T-shirts.

The Sweet Symphony of Certified Organic Cotton and Natural Indigo

The GOTS certified premium organic cotton yarn is hand-dyed no fewer than 30 times in hanks with natural indigo in India. The yarn is then knitted into soft jersey, which is sewn into the T-shirt in Australia – sweatshop-free et al. Before the garments reach your doorstep, they’ve been individually packed in a striking envelope made from 100% post-consumer waste and printed with vegetable-based inks. Nothing half-hearted here.

Natural indigo is the world’s oldest man-made dye with a fascinating and colourful history dating back over four millennia. The natural kind that Indigo Couture uses is made from the indigofera plant and the entire dyeing process is biodegradable and 100% sustainable.

Natural, indigo-dyed cloth is hard to mass produce; the process is time-consuming and it requires the hands of skilled craftsmen, which makes it significantly more costly to produce compared to synthetic indigo-dyed cloth. The evidence of the natural indigo is the subtle shade variations, which occur throughout the garment.

If you like what you see, head over to Indigo Couture’s website and put in your order. The T-shirts retail for AUD95, which is approximately USD70 or €65 (plus shipping) and they are worth every penny.

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