Rope Dye Crafted Goods

Howard Flacke Sells $1,000 Buffalo Horn Glasses At $199

Take The Bull By The Horns And Save 80%

The philosophy of Rope Dye is based on the embrace of high-quality, everyday commodities that get better with wear; a characteristic we find in a pair of jeans, a leather wallet and even a pair of sunglasses.

Take Howard Flacke for instance. The start-up, New York-based brand is making unique frames from buffalo horn, which will not only mould to the contours of your face with wear, this natural material also gives each frame a one-off, marbleised pattern. On top of that, buffalo horn is lighter than plastic and it won’t irritate your skin. And, any leftovers from production can be used as a natural fertiliser. The only problem is that horn frames are usually rather expensive.

The creator of the Kickstarter-brand, Howard Kahan, wanted to offer an alternative to the arbitrarily-priced horn frames available. He sourced the horn from India and the hinges from Germany, found a manufacturer and now he’s introducing his first three designs through the popular crowd-sourcing platform with a price tag of only $199 which includes polarized lenses.

Head over to Kickstarter to support the campaign before it ends on August 7, 2015 and grab yourself a great deal on your next pair of sunglasses. Your order should ship by the end of August.



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