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Momotaro’s New B-13 “Going To Battle” Backpack. Everything A Denimhead Could Ask For and More – The Price Is Great Too!

I remember reading some pretentious style advice a while back saying not to wear more than one piece of denim at a time. Fuck that. You wouldn’t have a hard time spotting me in triple, even quadruple, denim outfits. There’s the jeans, the denim jacket, the western shirt and the denim cap. So, what’s missing? Momotaro has the answer; a denim backpack.

A Gateway Drug Into A Japanese Denim Addiction

The Japan Blue Group, the parent company of Momotaro and Japan Blue, is one of the most successful Japanese denim makers, especially outside of Japan. Apart from the amazing denims they develop and make themselves, the great fits and recognisable designs (such as the Going To Battle back pocket design), I believe it’s because they really understand the European and North American markets and know what consumers in our part of the world want.

The B-13 Going To Battle backpack that Momotaro just launched is a fine example of this. It does everything denimheads would expect a Momotaro product to do, but it also speaks to a broader audience. It is practical, inexpensive and good looking. I don’t find it hard imagining that girls would love a bag like this too.

Momotaro Going To Battle backpack Japanese denim, label
Momotaro Going To Battle backpack Japanese denim, close-up
Momotaro Going To Battle backpack Japanese denim, straps
Momotaro Going To Battle backpack Japanese denim, zipper

The details of the Momotaro B-13 Going To Battle backpack:

  • 12.5 oz. Momotaro original unwashed 100% cotton denim
  • Heavy duty two-way gold zipper from YKK Japan
  • Woven label on the front pocket
  • Black canvas on the back (so no need to worry about indigo bleeding on your white tees)
  • Sturdy polyester straps
  • Practically sized (similar to the Eastpak you wore as a kid)
  • Retails for $100/€90 (with free worldwide shipping) at Okayama Denim

In addition to the B-13 backpack, Momotaro has also just dropped the B-12 shoulder bag. Both are available at Okayama Denim.

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