Stovall and Young Review: Friendship Leads to Craftsmanship

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Stovall and Young Make All-American Jeans At A Very Reasonable Price

Best friends Chris Stovall and Sean Young were tired of “American Made” jeans being sewn in foreign countries or having components that weren’t sourced locally. They wanted to make the perfect pair of jeans; made from American materials, designed in the US and assembled in the US (more specifically in San Francisco). So, they created Stovall and Young.

Quality, Affordable, Without Too Many Frills

Stovall and Young currently offer two cuts: the Martin, a straight leg, and the Young, a slim tapered. Both are available in 12 oz. Cone Mills denim for the incredibly reasonable price of $140.

We were able to review a pair Martins, and after some initial trepidation, found them to be a perfectly serviceable pair of jeans made of a lighter weight Cone fabric.

You won’t get all the bells and whistles you might see on a pair of jeans reaching the $300 mark, but Stovall and Young are making a solid jean that most folks can afford.

Sean Young of Stovall and Young

Sean Young of Stovall and Young

The Martin: Summer Jeans Made for Cuffing

The cut of the Martin is roomy in the seat and the proportions seem slightly off before cuffing; making them an unlikely candidate for stacking.

The 12 oz. denim comes with a blue selvedge ID and, when cuffed a few times, we think the relatively light weight and roomy straight cut to be ideal for knocking around in humid summer months.

Stovall and Young Martin Copper

The Stovall and Young Martin Copper jean

Highlighted Details of Stovall and Young’s Jeans

Stovall and Young use an anodised hardware that will age a little over time. The rivets on the pockets were a bit large on first inspection, but will fall under a shirt most of the time. The rear belt loop features a selvedge detail, which is subtle enough not be ostentatious.

Stovall and Young advertise that the coin pocket can hold a smartphone. The pair we received was unable to accommodate an admittedly oversized HTC model, but we’ve been assured that the pocket will be widened in the future.

The leather patch, sourced from Casey Oney at Draught Dry Goods in Portland, is buttery smooth and will absolutely develop an amazing patina as it ages.

The Verdict and Take Away Features

The Martin is an excellent jean for someone looking to get into raw denim at a reasonable price point or an old hand looking for a lighter jean with good detailing and fit. Especially if you considered all the features below:

  • Made in San Francisco from American materials only
  • 12 oz. Cone Mills selvedge denim with blue ID
  • Two fits available
  • Anodised hardware
  • Belt loop selvedge detail
  • Buttery smooth leather patch
  • Retails for $140

If you’re on the hunt for a pair of raw denim jeans, get off to a good start with our raw denim buying guide.

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