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Happy Anniversary. A Year Living With Doublewood Denim

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The Sweet Agony Of Being A Denimhunter

It is a pleasant fact of life that, when you are running a successful denim site, you get the pick of the litter. We are hyper-choosy about our own jeans – of course we are – and the wealth of great garments out there makes that selection process even tougher.

Quite simply, we don’t want to invest endless months in breaking-in and crafting a product that ain’t going to cut the mustard and deliver the coolest whiskers, perfect honeycombs and random stress scars. A year is indeed a long time in denim.

Love At First Sight?

We were privileged to once again be on the horns of this dilemma when we unwrapped our first pair of Doublewood Straights back in the spring of 2015. Were we instantly infatuated? Of course not! We first needed to go over them in forensic detail.

On the slim side of straight, check. 13.75 oz. rope dyed, Japanese selvedge denim from Kaihara, check. Crotch rivet and fully-lined back pockets – mmm, nice touches!

Add to that a healthy dose of instinct and not only were they ripe to go on rotation, we also invited Doublewood’s Jade, Jeff and Robin to join us with their brand on our carefully curated store. And, we were delighted when they said “yes”.

So, did our instincts serve us well? We have had overwhelmingly positive feedback from our customers and that, at the end of the day, is all that really counts. Or is it? What of the pair that we have been grinding in to the dust for more than a year now?


In short, they are going great guns. Even better, we have exclusive pics of one of the first-ever Narrows to come out of Doublewood’s family owned and operated atelier. Three years, three washes, one helluva pair of jeans.


An Exclusive Rope Dye Offer

If you fancy getting your next fade project off the ground, Doublewood have shipped us a limited number of Indigo Straights, Indigo Narrows and Black Straights which are all in summer weights and which we are allowed to list at from just €99 per pair.

It’s unlikely that we will ever be able to offer them again at such a low price so click here to check sizes and availability.


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