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Diving into the world of Ruedi Karrer: The Swiss Jeans Freak

Ruedi Karrer on ropedye

Meet Ruedi Karrer (if you haven’t already)

For many Denimheads, Ruedi Karrer needs no introduction. This self-proclaimed “Swiss Jeans Freak” is a permanent fixture at most, if not all denim events in Europe, he is an Instagram celebrity and can boast of being the founder of the world’s very first, brand-independent Jeans Museum.

Ruedi began his denim collection 43 years ago when he received a care package with a couple of pairs of jeans. The beauty of the deep indigo and the power of denim evolution captivated him and sent him on a lifelong journey, collecting beautifully faded jeans from around the globe.

In 2001, he took his collection and started the Jeans Museum. Located in Zurich, Switzerland the two-room museum holds the 14,000 denim pieces in the collection. That’s right, 14,000 denim jeans and jackets, only 2000 of which have been sorted out. Who knows what blue gold is lurking in there!

Last month, Dutch denim label Benzak Denim Developers traveled down to Switzerland to visit the museum and deliver a something special to Ruedi. Founder Lennaert Nijgh brought his brother Ed along to film the journey.

The mini-documentary had its premiere at the Blueprint Festival during Amsterdam Denim days. It has just been released to the public and gives a beautiful look at this lovable eccentric in his natural habitat.

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