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What Would Happen if Jackson Pollock Worked for Viberg!

Canadian boot brand, Viberg, known for their quality and attention to detail have (perhaps) gone a little nuts!

You might think it is the thing nightmares are made of. You drop over 700 bucks on a pair of the most beautiful Viberg boots. A pair of Chelsea boots in the most luxurious of naturally tanned suede leather.

They are the epitome of craft, style and sophistication. But then, by some insidious indigo incident. They get splattered by a fair amount of indigo dye.

Terrible, right? Wrong!

It’s actually amazing as the latest drop from Viberg clearly demonstrates.

The boots in question are Viberg’s take on the classic Chelsea boot. The Chelsea boot is most easily recognised by the elasticated side panels. The unisex style finds its origins as far back as the mid-1800s and really found its place as an icon in the Mod scene of the 1960s.

The leather, termed Milkshake Calf Suede, is sourced from a UK tannery. Most suede leathers are somewhat delicate split grain but this suede is a full grain calf butt which means it is just as durable as any of the leathers in the Viberg lineup.

It has a milky, off-white tone, hence the name Milkshake. This light, buttery shade provides the perfect canvas for indigo.

They Go Nuts!

And they have not been shy about the splatters either. As you can see from the images from American Rag, they have really gone to town. It must be pretty nerve-wracking for the Viberg employee to pick up the paintbrush and just go nuts with the indigo on a pair of (very expensive) perfect boots.

Truly, One of a Kind

One thing is for certain, no two boots can possibly be the same. These will truly be unique to the wearer even before they have slipped them on. After they have worn them for a day or two, that buttery, milky suede will start to soak up the patina and in combination with the indigo splatters, will age beautifully.

If you want a wear project as unique as this one. Head over to American Rag and pick up a pair of these asolutely unique boots.

But what do you do if you are not a Pollock fan?!

Well, you’re in luck thanks to the guys over at Berkley Supply, and their strong Instagram game, I saw that these incredible boots are available pre-patina free. So you are free to go ahead and go to build up your own set of stains and stories along the way. Head to the Berkeley website to pick up a pair!

In the meantime, have a drool over the amazing details. Thanks to Eli and his team’s spot on photo game.


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