8-Year-Old Loose Levi’s

 In Apparel

Here’s a pair of Levi’s 503 that have been worn in by Mats Vikell (a.k.a. Muts von Slims). Mats describes them as, “probably the best pants I’ve ever have had the pleassure to get to know.” He got them as a present back in 2004 and the only thing he wasn’t completely satisfied about was the zip fly. But anyway, Mats and the pants have traveled the world, been to partys, spend many hours on the garage floor, and the only place they haven’t spent too much time is in the washing machine.

They have slowly begun to fall apart, but hopefully they have many years to come in them. One thing is for sure, Mats ensured me, these pants will be framed and have their special place on the wall.

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