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And the Winner Is!….

Today is the big day where one lucky jeans wearer is going to be duly rewarded the patience and hard work it takes to wear in a pair of dry denim jeans. And the...

Choosing A Winner

This post sums up the competition with Meadow, and here you'll find all the contestants listed by entry date. Who do you think's the best candidate? You can als...

The Love Story of Mike & Joe

Running the risk of having forgotten someone (as we've received so many emails), this is the last contestant in the Meadow competition. This pair of Nudie Ave...
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This is the story of Andreas, he's 18 years old and lives in Malmö where he attends Bryggeriets skateboarding college. He has been skating for 6 years. His Wr...
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8-Year-Old Loose Levi’s

Here's a pair of Levi's 503 that have been worn in by Mats Vikell (a.k.a. Muts von Slims). Mats describes them as, "probably the best pants I've ever have had...


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