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And the Winner Is!….

Today is the big day where one lucky jeans wearer is going to be duly rewarded the patience and hard work it takes to wear in a pair of dry denim jeans. And the winner is: René Hagemann for his “Decades of Dedication.” Revisit the highlights of his collection and see the winning pair of jeans below.

This pair of original Levi’s shrink-to-fits from the 80s earned René the first prize: a new pair of jeans from Meadow (value SEK 1500). You can view the rest of René’s Levi’s collection here.

The runner-ups for the competition include, Thomas Nielsen-Nielsen for his Levi’s Vintage Clothing 1955 501:

Micke Fält for his Lee 101B Hair on Hide:

And Ika Surjosantoso for her Naked & Famous x Momotaro Skinny Guy jeans:

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