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Red Wing Shoes Women’s Store Berlin: Opening Party

Red Wing in Berlin has done something never before done in the world of Red Wing Shoes as they open a dedicated store for women.

A Leap of Faith

Just over a year ago, Red Wing Shoes in Minnesota took a bit of a leap of faith and, once again, released a range of shoes specifically designed for women. These shoes were built of different lasts, used different leathers and catered for the needs of a woman’s foot.

A Blast from the Past

But this is not the first time this has happened. From the very early years of the company, going back to the 1920s, Red Wing did manufacture shoes for women. This continued up until the 1950s when changes in demand and different focuses for the company saw Red Wing discontinue their range of female footwear.

At Last. A New Last

So, they went back to the drawing board. They had Red Wing boots in women’s sizes before but nothing specifically designed for a woman’s needs in shoes or boots. The new collection was inspired by old Red Wing women’s styles from the archives and reinvestments of classics like the Moc Toe.

New leathers were developed and, rather out of character for Red Wing, an outside company was brought in to manufacture the collection. This was in realization that the expertise needed to manufacture these boots involved a varied set of skills and machinery.

Unnecessary Uncertainty

There was a degree of trepidation on the release of the collection last year. But it was a resounding success. Everyone was extremely happy with the initial collection and the reception it received.  So much so, that the guys who have the Red Wing Shoes Store in Berlin decided to open up a store specifically for this collection.

In the Heart of Berlin

The store is located right around the corner from the Berlin Mitte-based Red Wing store. Literally a 10-second walk. The space they have created is much lighter, much airier than the very heritage-heavy men’s store. It is modern but classic and the perfect setting for the women’s collection.

Pop over to Google maps here to easily find it.


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