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The Love Story of Mike & Joe

Running the risk of having forgotten someone (as we’ve received so many emails), this is the last contestant in the Meadow competition. This pair of Nudie Average Joe Dry Organic jeans have a very special history, told in the exact word of their wearer, Mike Keaveney who apparently is quite the storyteller.

“Last February I told my brother I would undertake the crazy task of driving to Barcelona from England, in a day, to watch Barcelona FC play Athletic Bilbao with him. As much as I love Barcelona FC, I must admit the thought of visiting a Nudie Concept Store was part of the reason I wanted to go (I even delayed the drive home to tie in with the store’s opening hours).”

“I’ve worn my Average Joe’s nearly everyday since the 21st of February 2011. The majority of their life has been spent sitting on a chair running companies websites with me, however they have lived it up at any opportunity they got. They’ve rocked out at the Rock en Seine festival in Paris; seen bands play in London; stumbled and slurred as they’ve celebrated birthdays; had all manner of beverages spilled and wiped down them (although that’s probably a given after they’ve done the last three activities!); been terrified as they’ve driven around the Nurburgring in Germany; slept well after they chopped down trees with nothing but an axe and determination; rescued cars stuck in the snow, then tried to make blue snow angels; baked in the sun and done everything in-between.”

“When their 1st birthday on the 21st of February 2012 finally rolled round I thought I should do something special for them. After the local bakers threw me out of their shop for apparently wasting their time when I asked if they could bake me a birthday cake for a special pair of jeans, I decided their first (and only) wash would probably make them just as happy. Unfortunately this was delayed until 2 days after their birthday, but when I finally got around to it, they cried beautiful blue tears of happiness (to be fair, I too would cry if I hadn’t washed in a year!).”

“My Nudies are starting to show their age with one large tear inside the front left pocket, with numerous others threatening to break out lower down; a small tear developing under the crotch and another at the top of the coin pocket where my chap stick lives (apparently this is less than manly, so I often make up for it by eating lots of red meat, swearing and playing with tools). But with a little love on the sewing machine I reckon they have plenty of life left in them.”

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