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On November 1st, Tenue de Nîmes officially released the second issue of their Nouvelle de Nîmes, an online and offline gazette on jeans and boots. The titled is “The Evolution of a Color” and star of the show is the newly introduced 4558 8″ Moc Toe and the Oro-Russet leather. The Irish Setter was introduced by Red Wing Shoes in 1949 and it was originally manufactured with the so-called “Russet Red” leather tanned in California. However, over the decades, the leather changed and this Nouvelle de Nîmes set out to trace back the roots and rich history of the beautiful and characteristic red leather. You a copy with every purchase from the Amsterdam’s Red Wing Shoe Store, but you can also read the whole thing here at issuu – if you’re into Red Wing this is a must-read!

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