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How To Wash Your Jeans: The Denim Mythbusters of Self Edge

How To Wash Your Jeans: The Denim Mythbusters of Self Edge

Setting The Record Straight On The Do’s And Don’t of Raw Denim Care

Have you ever been told not to wash your jeans? I guess you have. Instead of washing I bet you’ve been told to put your jeans in the freezer if they start smelling? You’ve probably also been told to take your jeans to the ocean and scrub sand all over them to get a “great” fade? Or to wear them in your bathtub?

Well, Kiya and Andrew of Self Edge are here to bust all these myths. We basically agree with the two mythbusters, still, we do recommend you to give your jeans an initial soak before your start wearing them.

Watch the video here:

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Mika El Oredsson April 23, 2013 at 08:53

Hey everyone!
Watched this video a while back. Two pretentious “experts” who think they know better than anyone else….. Who are they to say what is right and what is wrong? It is all about what YOU want and what you are trying to accomplish with your canvas. If you want to shrink your jeans down you need to act accordingly by washing your jeans in WARM water. How much the shrinkage will be depends on the the degrees of the water used as it is the biggest factor that will affect the shrinkage. Sanforized or not, fact remains: cotton shrinks. How much is depending on if sanforized or not. Even sanforized cotton will have a slight shrinkage. If you want to really size them down in size you need to go for a greater number on the degree scale. Water in itself will NEVER shrink cotton, or any fabric for that matter….. It is the heat that makes it shrink not water itself.
And if you want great and speedy honeycombing; you need to be careful and restrited with the washing with less frequent washes. The more frequent you wash your jeans the more evenly the fading will be. Think of the jeans your father or grandpa is wearing. Yes, exactly those ones, the ones that your grandma have washed twice every week…,some may say different but in my opinion not cool…
Slightly oversized jeans will have less or none -will take longer time at least- distress marks and lines on them due to the excess pliable amount of fabric.
Also funny to hear the so called experts saying “back in the days they had no freezers….” Well i guess there ´was a slight shortage of washing machines as well one would think, no!?
It may not have been ocean washes but they sure did hand wash their garments.
B*ll*cks I say, there is no rules. No rights or wrongs. Do as you please with your jeans. After all they are yours to keep for a looooong time.

Thanks for me.
The Mythbuster buster

M March 6, 2015 at 21:40

You are talking nonsense. All those folks who are listening to you will end up with their bollocks on public display when the crotch of their jeans blows up.

Paing $250 for quality denim and letting it fall apart a year later is stupid. Damn you all hipsters and your free range body odour on your jeans! I will listen to those guys not assholes who splash in muddy waters or damn fish ponds!

Reverend VSP December 1, 2015 at 21:44

I think the idea of not washing denim was a practical joke that took off. It’s awfully handy when trying to tell who fell asleep while taking biology and/or chemistry in high school, since, you know, they’ll smell like stale ball sweat from down the hall.

Seriously, I know a couple people in my class who do this and they actually seem to be unable to believe that they reek – or at least that they can’t believe that bathing in whatever cologne they bought at the same denim store doesn’t magically cancel out the crotch stank. I loathe to think what their freezers must smell like…

Granted, I live in Arizona, as in the part that gets to 110+ *F in the summer, but even so.


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