Nudie Jeans Recycled Denim Rugs

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nudie-jeans-denim-rugs-3-856x572With all the new organic denim that has been coming out, the denim industry seems to be progressing towards a more sustainable future. Nudie Jeans has been working towards this cause for a few years but now they are adding a new twist; the Post Recycled Denim Rugs. The rugs are constructed of worn Nudie jeans. The jeans are cut into strips and sewn together then the strips are handwoven on vintage shuttle looms. Nudie is making it possible for us Rope Dye to take our denim love to the next level and bring it right into our homes. The rugs are true works of art and will show your love of denim to everyone who enters your humble abode. The rugs cost €399 ($599) and are available at Nudie Concept Stores worldwide.


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