Tenue de Nîmes Drop Their Second Pair of Jeans

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Tenue de Nîmes Put Down the Second Cornerstone of the TdN Collection. Traditionalist Denimheads Will Like This One

The Dutch denim mecca Tenue de Nîmes has just dropped their second pair of jeans named Pablo.

Together with the slim fit Charles style which was launched earlier this year, the Pablo will be a cornerstone of the Tenue de Nîmes collection, which founders Rene and Menno are building, piece-by-piece, with timeless garments guided by the notion of quality.

American Silhouette, Japanese Denim and Italian Construction

The Pablo is perfectly balanced to maintain a minimalist silhouette whilst keeping that nod to the classics intact.

While the Charles Tenue de Nîmes jeans had the low rise and the tight leg catering to the more contemporary customer, the Pablo will satisfy the traditionalists amongst us. A “classic Americana jean,” as they describe it, with a roomier top block and a slim(ish) leg.

For this first, limited run of the Pablo, Rene and Menno (again) decided on Japanese denim, specifically a 14.5 oz. Memphis II denim from the Rampuya denim mill. Their first jean was made from 14 oz. Memphis denim from Kurabo. The two denim connoisseurs have been overheard saying that:

“Tenue de Nîmes believes there are two countries that turned fabric production into an art: The United States and Japan.”

So, we are pretty curious to see where the denim for the next run will come from.

For the production, they looked to Italy and found a small family run factory in Veneto. Even glancing over the pictures, you can see that this was indeed a good choice. The construction and clean detailing have been executed flawlessly.

With the Pablo jeans being limited to 140 pieces (priced at €219.90), they are a rare bird indeed. If you want a pair, drop by one of the Tenue de Nîmes stores. Or, if that is a little far out, the guys have also made them available online. Head over here to grab yourself a pair.



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