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To Dye For: Levi’s RED “Lined” From Top to Toe

levi's red lined 2014

Levi’s RED “Lined”. All together in one place

If you follow us on Instagram, and you really should(!), you might remember a few weeks back the pop quiz featuring a pair of Levi’s RED “Lined” jeans.

This collection was from back in 2014 and marked, not only the return of Levi’s RED from a 7-year hiatus, but also one of the final collections from Miles Johnson before he left for Patagonia.

Touted as the “premium collection with fashion appeal”, the collection met with some scrutiny amongst the hardcore denimheads.

Even with the “fashion” tag, I was instantly fascinated by the collection because it was so deeply rooted in the companies past. The cuts and detailing all took nods from historical, and at times obscure archive pieces. All were built around the concept of “Lined”.

To give some extra warmth and comfort, some Levi’s garments, particularly the jackets, would be lined with wool blanket material. RED took this idea and made it Lux, replacing the scratchy wool with indigo-dyed silk.

The denim itself was a 2×1 hemp/cotton mix weighing in at 8oz. Lightweight for today’s standards but in the 1890s, quite normal for denim. Combined with the silk and a lightweight quilting, sturdy enough to keep the silhouette.

These pieces were released on a super limited run and only to a very few choice stores around the globe. Even with the hefty price tag (north of 600 Euros), they sold out quite quickly. I have seen a few individual pieces here and there but never a whole outfit!

So when I spotted Joost from Atelier de l’Armée sporting a pair of the jeans and the shirt during the Amsterdam Denim Days, I had to drag him outside for a few shots. I was even happier when I found out that he had the jacket from the collection as well!

Check out the full story from 2014 to see the whole collection and of course, have a look at Atelier de l’Armée’s latest pieces over on their website.

Amsterdam-Denim-Days-2017-Ropedye-88 copy
Amsterdam-Denim-Days-2017-Ropedye-81 (1)
Amsterdam-Denim-Days-2017-Ropedye-79 copy


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