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Get Closer To the Brand On the New 3sixteen Website

3Sixteen New Website Denimhunters

The New 3sixteen Website Brings Their Brand Universe Closer To You

So it looks like Johan Lam and Andrew Chen from 3sixteen sleep even less than the Rope Dye editorial staff. Not only do they bring us some of the best jeans, jackets, tops and other paraphernalia season after season, they’ve also had time to build a new website that gives a visceral online experience with the 3sixteen website.

What’s great about 3sixteen, aside from the product, is that they offer a full yet simple brand experience. The qualities they instill in their jeans come from other facets of their lives and inform the way they present their story. And the new website is the perfect platform to tell this story.

Undoubtedly, the best stories are told in the jeans. Our favourite part of the site is the Well Aged section, which holds beautiful images of several 3sixteen jeans after a ride around the roller coaster we call daily life.

Along with this, you can shop the entire collection, virtually visit some of the stores that carry 3sixteen in the Retailer Spotlight, go behind the scenes with In Production, and see how their customers build up their individual style with the jeans at the core.

Head over there for yourselves and spend a little time in the world of 3sixteen, it’s well worth the trip.

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