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To Dye For: Menno’s Pablo jeans, after 24 months’ hard graft

Tenue de Nîmes Menno's Pablo Jeans

Naturally, the founder of Tenue de Nîmes would be wearing the jeans he put his store’s name on. We see the results of his 24 months of hard wear.

Cast your mind back, way way back to 2015. It was a different time; sanity reigned in the White House, in the UK, a semblance of normality kind of muddled through, Rope Dye was called Denimhunters and Tenue de Nîmes had just released their second foray into the world of jeans making.

Pablo Jean

The Pablo jean, as it was known, was a rare bird – limited to 140 pairs, these jeans were crafted in Italy by a small family run factory in Veneto using 14.5 oz. Memphis II denim from the Rampuya denim mills in Japan.

Curiosity Satisfied

I remember at the time being very curious about how these jeans would fade. The absence of contrast stitching gave the Pablo a super sharp silhouette but it was going to take some serious wear before we saw the detailing in the flawless construction starting to pop.

Luckily, two years on we have some spectacular results and from none other than Tenue de Nimes founder, Menno.

Putting in the Time

He snagged one of the 140 pairs and hardly took them off after that.

“I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a size 31 and basically never took them off after”

This is quite evident in the fade, you just don’t see these kinds of results without some serous time spent in your jeans. Menno’s Pablo’s have seen 4 soaks to date. The first coming after 8 months of wear.

Temporarily Tapered

“But what’s going on with the patches?”, I hear you ask. Well, this is one of these awesome stories you only get with raw denim. When you really take time and energy making the jeans truly yours.

When he first got the jeans, Menno decided to taper them slightly. One year later he buys his first pair of Red Wing Peco’s and the jeans won’t fit over the top. Using some scraps left over from hemming the jeans and some original vintage Japanese fabric, Joery from the Denim & Repairs room at the Tenue de Nîmes Haarlemmerstraat straightened things out once again.

Bad Call? Good Call!!!

What Menno refers to as a “bad call” we absolutely love. This is a truly unique pair of jeans and one that I’d say definitely earn a place on the walls of one of the Tenue de Nimes stores. Or maybe Menno’s not done wearing them yet.

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