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Well Worn: Eternal 883 With Japanese Artwork

Perry Goh Eternal 883

3 Years, 4 Month, 8 Washes: Eternal 883

Perry Goh from Singapore is the official #1 Eternal fan. The Japanese cult denim brand established in 1997 bestowed the title on him due to the commitment put into his Eternal 883 jeans. Even with a passing glance at the sick fades, it’s not hard to see why.

Mind-blowingly gorgeous fades like this require commitment to cause. Perry has been breaking in the jeans for 3 years, 4 months.

For the first 2 years he wore them almost every day and he waited the infamous 6 months before he gave them their first wash. Since then he has washed them a total of 8 times.

Perry’s wash routine is simply: every 6 month or so he gives the jeans a hot bath with vinegar only.

Using Denim as a Canvas for Japanese Artwork

You may have seen the jeans elsewhere around the web. Perry works in advertising, but he also goes under his artist name, P.P, and he regularly shares updates about how his denim artworks are evolving on his website. At the moment, he has a nicely vintage faded LVC 1966, a Studio D’Artisan 006, and many others in rotation in addition to his Eternals. All of them feature Perry’s characteristic artwork.

The cranes on Perry’s Eternals are inspired by the Japanese Edo period artist Hokusai. The placement of the artwork is a reference to the uniform of Ultraman Astra from the Japanese science fiction TV show, Ultraman Leo, which Perry obviously is a fan of. The back pocket abrasions stem from his Freitag wallet and the signature P.P cast that he always carries in his right back pocket.

Eternal 883 Details
Price: $275
Made in: Japan
Denim weight: 14.5 oz.
100% American cotton
Rope dyed 24 times
Cotton thread

Details About the Eternal 883 Jeans

The 14.5 oz. Japanese denim has been rope dyed 24 times to achieve the intense deep blue colour. It is woven at low tension from 100% American cotton to get its vintage-style irregularities. The denim is unsanforized, but the finished jeans are hand soaked and sun dried before they reach the store. Eternal uses 100% cotton thread throughout the jeans and the leather patch is deerskin. Other features include a 5-button fly, hidden rivets, and a blue tab on the coin pocket.

Perry got his jeans at Take5 in Hong Kong, but they are also available at Blue Owl, Blue In Green, and Tate + Yoko among others.

Send us your well worn fades!

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