Momotaro Turns 10. It’s Time To Throw A Party

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Momotaro 1005TN 10th Anniversary Jeans. We’re Celebrating

Anyone who thinks that the last decade has been anything other than a car crash needs their head tested or has a first name like Justin or Adele. Fine, at least WWIII didn’t break out so we should be grateful for small mercies but, for the rest of us, “challenging” is probably the mot juste.

During these ten years of chaos and strife, Momotaro have not just weathered the storm, they have flourished to become one of the most respected and firmly-established Japanese brands on the denim scene today.

We could forgive them for ordering a monster cake and a case of beer but instead, they are unleashing the 1005TN limited edition jean in three silhouettes. With all the swagger of a drunken sailor but with a deftness of touch and simple elegance, these 15.7 oz. sanforized, Zimbabwean cotton denims with a peach and gold selvedge ID are, in truth, giving the DH team a manly twinge.

As all-things Momotaro tend to be, the fabric has been woven on their own vintage shuttle looms in Okayama, dyed with natural indigo and then, as the saying goes, “made by hand without compromise.”

Details. They’re All Invited

Added details are always subjective but, in our opinion, it’s great to see the Momotaro painted Warrior Stripes on the back-right pocket; they reek of unapologetic masculinity and we really don’t have a problem with that. The celebration of Japanese culture, history and folklore is just a delicious bonus.

And, don’t get us started on that cowhide Tochigi leather “10th” waistband patch is just immense. “Positively Superior”? Of course it is.

[row] [column size=’1/2′]
  • 15.7 oz. sanforized Momotaro 10th Anniversary original selvedge denim
  • 100% Zimbabwe cotton
  • One-wash fabric & outdoor sun dried
  • High Rise
  • 5 button fly featuring five different original Momotaro buttons
  • Peach & gold Momotaro selvedge ID
  • Copper male rivets
  • Copper female rivets with Momotaro peach branding
[/column] [column size=’1/2′]
  • Jacquard pocket bags with Momotaro logo embossing and screenprinting
  • Natural indigo discharge dyed 10th Anniversary back yoke
  • Cowhide Tochigi leather “10th” waistband patch
  • Two painted “Battle Stripes” on back pocket
  • Pink inseam cotton thread
  • 10th Anniversary denim flasher
  • Each pair will ship with a Jacquard canvas bag, and an indigo dyed bandana
[/column] [/row]

Where To Buy

The Momotaro 1005TN 10th Anniversary comes in three styles – a narrow, middle and slim straight – and is available for pre-order until March 31st online at Okayama Denim. And, at $212 / €189 / £148, it’s a gift.


*Prices subject to currency fluctuation.

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