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Ecco Intrinsic 2. Establishing The Bloodline

Ecco Intrinsic 2

The Ecco Intrinsic 2. The Danish Sneaker Range Matures And We’re Living On Easy Feet

Back in the forty-degree heat and stifling dust of summer 2015, we reported on Denmark’s Ecco and their dive in to the shark-infested waters at the more fashion-oriented end of the sneakers pool.

Yes, we were positive about that début (the shoes looked the bomb and they withstood a real thrashing) but we still harboured a few niggling doubts about whether Ecco could pull off a decent successor and start to really establish a bloodline for the Intrinsic range.

Led by Hanni Toosbuy Kasprzak, the daughter of founder, Karl Toosbuy, who founded the business more than fifty years ago in the small town of Bredebro in southern Denmark, Ecco run a tight ship with a settled and stable design team who have mashed up and stripped down street culture, and stamped their mark all over the all-new Ecco Intrinsic 2 which is in stores now for summer 2016.

Pitched as “sporty lifestyle sneakers for men” but, your gran’s copywriting aside,  we have no qualms about the all-day comfort boasts. They are supple, lightweight and allow completely natural movement while the flexible outsole delivers superb traction at street level. They mould to the feet like any premium shoe should.

Easy To Wear. Easy On The Eye

The final look is always going to be a matter of personal choice although we are totally sold on the minimal monochome appeal. Essentially, rock them up with a pair of well broken-in jeans, a scruffy belt that has seen better days and a crisp, white t-shirt, and you’re good to go. Socks? Well, they are optional but it is worth bearing in mind that the Intrinsic 2 has knitted textile and soft leather uppers which allow the feet to breathe and mean that the stench of ripening Gorgonzola should be kept at bay.

We have the Ecco Intrinsic 2 on road-test recently and all the early signs are pointing northwards. They have been biked, hiked, pubbed and clubbed and they have needed nothing more than a wipe with a damp sponge and a little detergent. The form and the TPU outsole with rubber inserts have held up to a kick-about in the park and, whilst we are not talking about ninety minutes of Premier League action, their athletic credentials haven’t pulled up short.

Apart from the sheer versatility and understated style of this shoe, perhaps the best thing about the Ecco Intrinsic 2 is that it is just so damned easy to slip on and be done with. And, in just about every summer situation – day or night, rain or shine.

The Essentials

The Ecco Intrinsic 2 is priced at around €140 and available through a highly established network of stockists. Hunt down #partofmyworld to keep across the chat.




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