Blue Bell

The New Face of Blue Bell

To many denim enthusiasts, the value creation of a brand is heavily influenced by the historical roots and the storytelling of the company behind the brand. T...
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Broken Twill

Broken twill combines a left-hand twill with a right-hand twill as the weft reverses every two warp ends. This breaking of the continuous weft reduces the natur...
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Blue Bell

Established in 1904 and producing denim overalls, they started making jeans after the World War II. They produced their first jeans in 1947 and named them Wrang...
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11MW and 13MWZ

11MW and 13MWZ are the style numbers of the two famous "Cowboy Cut" jeans marketed by Wrangler and designed by celebrity cowboy tailor Rodeo Ben. The 'MW' is s...


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