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Friisgatan in the centre of Malmö is one of city’s most attractive streets, filled with cozy cafes, interesting shops and especially the city’s absolutely best high-end fashion store, Très Bien Shop. The store is located in one of the street’s backyards and it’s rather difficult to find, so keep your eyes open.

Très Bien Shop started out as a webshop, and it’s still mainly online sales that drives the business. But as part of their in-house office, warehouse, and photo studio, they also have a physical shop, which functions as showroom for the webshop. Très Bien Shop is a very local, but at the same time very international. The atmosphere in the old backyard is relaxing and friendly, but simultaneously the shop oozes of exclusivity and “fashion haute couture.”

You’ll only find one of each style in the shop, and not nearly everything is in display at the same time. Only the best of the best is good enough in the Très Bien and brand list includes Double RL, A.P.C., Church’s, Engineered Garments, Opening Ceremony, Our Legacy, Levi’s Vintage Clothing, and many, many more.

Double RL, A.P.C., Gitman Vintage, Church’s, Engineered Garments, Opening Ceremony, Our Legacy, Levi’s Vintage Clothing and many, many more.

Visit their webshop to find some of the most exclusive brands online, and if you’re in Stockholm, you can visit their shop “Welcome” up there (the Welcome shop has been closed).

Contact information of the shop:

Friisgatan 6C, 21146 Malmö, Sweden

[email protected]

Review by Thomas Bojer.

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