Livid Jeans: The Inside Story of the Retail Line

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The hardworking Norwegians from Livid Jeans has stepped up their business with the introduction of a Retail Line to go along with their Handmade Line. With collections to be launched two times a year, the Retail Line consists of a bigger variety of products in different quantities. It’s produced in a small family owned factory in Barcelos, Portugal where it’s sewn by only five workers and crafted on non-automated industrial machines. It’s good, it’s really good!

Already available online are two spanking new fits made from a rope dyed 12.9 oz. dry denim from Japanese Kuroki. It’s a top of the line non-selvage denim quality in a rich blue indigo colour in a tight right hand twill construction.

The Livid Jeans back pocket embroidery is stitched in high-quality poly-core cotton thread with the bottom part reinforced with ecru lining for more durability. Other than that they feature reinforced front pocket opening, durable ecru coloured pocket bags, brass rivets and fly with four brass doughnut buttons. And don’t wait around too long, the jeans are limited to 400 pieces.

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