Burglary at DC4: 100s of Japanese Jeans Stolen from Berlin Shop

 In Shop

On the night of Tuesday January 14 between 3 to 5 am, DC4 in Berlin was robbed. Culprits broke into the store and took most of the inventory. The police are currently investigating the case.

Important: DC4 stamp 
All the jeans from DC4 are stamped ‘DC4 Berlin’ on one of the front pocket bags. If you come across a brand new pair of jeans with this stamp, get in contact with DC4 as soon as possible! Many brands are hardly available outside of Japan, like Toys McCoy and Samurai Jeans.

Help DC4 find stolen items and get a reward!
If you spot a stolen product on websites like eBay or on a forum, please send the link to [email protected] and you’ll receive a FREE pair of jeans – and a discount on your next 3 orders.

Don’t place online orders until further notice
Naturally, this means that orders placed online cannot be processed right now, DC4 asks for your understanding. The shop will be closed until further notice. On their blog DC4 writes:

“We’re shocked and outraged about the whole event and can’t wait for the criminals to be put to justice.”

I popped in to the shop Friday afternoon before my flight home – luckily they had some stock buried in the basement, but the place was depressingly bare.

Please keep your eyes peeled! The denim community is a close knit affair and it’s upsetting to see this happen. Let’s hope whoever did this is found quickly and that this is not the start of a trend.

All the best to the guys at DC4 here from Denimhunters.

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