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Vater&Sohn Brings Their Selection and Service Online

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Vater&Sohn Strive To Set A New Standard For Raw Denim Online Retail With Their Autumn Store Launch

Some of my favourite raw denim stores are doing a good deal of their business online, if not all of it. The online retail industry has explosive growth rates; 19% to be exact for Europe, which will equal €219-billion value for 2015 alone.

Today, it’s the norm to offer your products online. But, there are still a few raw denim retailers you need to get off your coach to visit. As of this autumn, Hamburg’s Vater&Sohn will no longer be part of that shrinking group.

The Decision To Go Online Was Not An Easy One

Vater&Sohn has had a good run since they set up shop in Hamburg back in the spring of 2013. Genuine passion for the product and a hand-picked selection of merchandise sold face-to-face has been their method of ensuring the best service possible.

They’ve spent these past two and a half years discussing the pros and cons of having an online retail presence. Now, they’ve come up with a plan that will make buying clothes online as easy and fun as buying them in their brick and mortar store.

What changes with the online store is only the physical interaction. They promise the experience will remain the same. In the end, two important factors changed their opinion on a webshop.

1) Selling Clothes Face-To-Face Has Its Limitations

Obviously, having a brick and mortar storefront only, you do not reach as many customers as you could with an online store. At least, the reach is less targeted.

In most of the world (maybe with the exception of Japan), geography is a poor indicator of the potential of a niche raw denim-focused like. Even in Germany’s second largest city, spotting denimheads is an exception to the rule.

2) Customers Have Been Buying Online Since Day One

From the first months of being in business, Vater&Sohn have been taking orders via email, Facebook or over the phone, and have shipped them out to men and women in need.

Recently, the amount of packages being shipped out weekly has reached a workload that is begging for a more systematised setup. Constructing a properly built webshop is simply a natural step forward in the right direction.

Capturing the Brick and Mortar Shopping Experience Online

While capturing the character and atmosphere of the brick and mortar store, the new webshop is going to be as simple and easy as possible to visit, the team promises.

That said, the e-store will have all the professionalism and competence that customers have come to expect of Vater&Sohn. There will be detailed measurements of every single garment, care instructions, shrinking and stretching rates, fit pictures and pictures that show the garments after serious wear and tear.

The Vater&Sohn webshop is planned to go online this October with their entire brand selection including Iron Heart, Wesco, W.H. Ranch and many more.

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