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SJC Is “Giving Away” Nihon Menpu Denim Brakeman Jeans

SJC Brakeman Waist Overall cinch back jeans 1930 denim cut

SJC Brakeman Jeans for £99! Don’t Wait, Place Your Order Before Friday Midnight GMT (on September 4)

Simon James Cathcart is selling – correction, giving away – his popular 1930’s-style Brakeman cinch back jeans made from Nihon Menpu sugar cane Japanese denim for £99!

The jeans are made from the Japanese mill’s super dry 50% sugar cane 50% cotton denim, which is, of course, super expensive. The quality of the build of the jeans is ridiculous, but the price is criminally low. Why? How? The ‘how’ is Simon’s problem, he assures. The ‘why’ is far more interesting.

SJC Wants To Join the Dots

Simon wants to see a complete look. And apparently he doesn’t care what it costs him.

“I see guys wearing 30’s shirts, 30’s boots and 30’s leather jackets with skinny low rise jeans. And it weirds me out. So I’m putting my hand in my pocket to put a stop to that now and helping them finish the job.”

For a 30’s look, which is peaking in the vintage scene right now, you have to go wide and you have to go high. Mercantile denim of the 30’s clamped around your waist and was loose and aerated. By doing so, it worked with short leather jackets for workers.

Like Pushing Drugs to School Kids

So how is Simon managing to do this? Selling properly crafted Japanese denim jeans for £99 we mean.

“Like the villains in the French Connection, I want to hook you to the good stuff. I mean, the very best. It’ll pay off later on. And I’ll do it again with a Wabash Week and the Yard Boss Yard Sale and so on until I see guys looking co-ordinated top to bottom exactly how they really mean to step out.”

The offer ends Friday midnight (GMT) on September 4, so act now!

Click here to place your order.

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