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The Levi’s Recycling Program Is Expanded To All US Stores

It has long been the norm to recycle bottles, paper and cans. But recycling apparel and shoes has never been awarded the same attention. That is despite the fact that, each year, the US alone throws away 28 billion pounds (that’s 12.7 billion kilos) of clothing, shoes, and textiles. About 15 percent of that is donated to charities, but the rest, some 24 billion pounds, or 10.9 billion kilos, end up in landfills.

That is an appalling amount of clothing and textiles and Levi Strauss and Co. wants to do something about it. In cooperation with recycling specialists I:Collect, they have been accepting donations of worn clothes and shoes in select Levi’s stores. Now they are ready to take their plan to the next level.

Because of the success of the program, Levi’s and I:Collect have now expanded the program to include all Levi’s stores and outlets in the USA.

“We’re thinking about sustainability across all facets of our business and how to shift consumer behavior to make recycling clothing the norm,” said Michael Kobori, vice president of sustainability at Levi Strauss & Co.

Not Just Levi’s

It’s not just Levi’s your worn-out Levi’s garments you can donate. All brands are accepted. So if your clothing cupboard is full of clothes you never use, or your jeans didn’t fade the way you wanted, you can donate them, and help save the environment.

And, to top it off, all persons who drop off an item of clothing will receive a voucher for 20 percent off a single, regular priced Levi’s item in­-store.So not only will you do a good deed and get your cupboard sorted, you can also get a pair of 501’s at a reduced price. The incentive has been well received with consumer response positive and a higher than average redemption rates for the vouchers.

So far, the offer is only available in US stores. Outside the US, Levi’s has also been accepting donated clothes at select recycling locations in the UK. The company is investigating expanding the program to other European countries as well as Canada and Asia, hoping to establish an infrastructure to support closed­loop products by 2020.

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