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Growing International Demand Convinces Henrik Brund To Launch Webshop

Online shopping is getting more and more popular. In many niches, online shopping is actually the easier solution; just think about booking a hotel or a flight ticket. But what about niches where personal advice is crucial or where the product needs to fit your body?

I prefer to try on my jeans before I buy them. But, sometimes that’s simply not an option. That’s why I’ve grown confident with shopping my jeans online. I guess I’ve had to. Now, I can finally shop my jeans online from Copenhagen’s no. 1 denim retailer Brund as well. That’s good news for you too.

Since opening in 2004, Brund has specialised in classic denim, leather boots and timeless virtues such as proper service and guidance of the customers. Virtues they aim to bring to the web as well.

We got in touch with owner Henrik Brund and his new webshop manager to find out why they’ve decided to launch a webshop and what it means to the existing business.

Why A Webshop Is the Natural Next Step For Brund

Located in Copenhagen, Brund has established itself as an internationally-known store of high-quality clothing.

“I’ve had customers from Germany, France, England, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Canada, the US, Japan and more, and I’m very honoured when a customer visits Ndr. Frihavnsgade 49,” says owner Henrik Brund.

But, due to growing demand for their products outside of Copenhagen, Henrik has now decided to supplement the bricks and mortar store with a webshop.

“Travelling from Moscow, from where we’ve also had requests for a webshop, to Copenhagen to buy a pair of boots in our bricks and mortar shop, will probably never happen. So, we’ve given in to the many wishes for a webshop,” Henrik adds.

An Alternative To the Bricks And Mortar Store

At the Brund webshop, they aim to offer the same exemplary service known from their physical shop. Still, they know, it will never be the same as a visit to the physical shop:

“We believe customers should try on jeans and boots before they buy them. We like to talk to the customer about the product, care and the brand before he makes a purchase.

To transfer this knowledge, discussion and service to our online presence will probably take some time and, of course, it will never be the same,” says Henrik.

As such, the webshop will be an alternative to the physical location where customers will still be able to walk in to try, feel and discuss how a pair of boots should fit or how raw denim fades.

“It is of utmost importance for us that our customers are always able to contact us with questions and comments. We take our jobs responding as quickly and qualified as possible very seriously’, writes Kasper Meinertz, webshop manager at Brund.

They will add blog post in English about care and new products, more comprehensive sizing guides and explanatory pictures, which will make it even easier for customers to find just the product they’re looking for.

“We will try to guide the customer in the best possible way we can online though it never can, nor shall, replace personal service.”

Keep the Curiousness Intact

Henrik hopes to keep the curiousness and excitement of discovering new items in person alive. They stock a lot of products and not all of them will reach the webshop.

“We feel many customers appreciate exploring the shop, and we like to keep that an option,” says seasoned store owner.

Visit the new Brund webshop here to browse the selection of brands like Big John, Thorogood, Lee 101, Edwin, Red Wing, New Balance, Tanner Goods, Chippewa and much more. You can also always drop by the brick and mortar store in Copenhagen at Nordre Frihavnsgade 49, 2100 Copenhagen Ø., Denmark.

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