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Show Off Your Denim Fades With “Well Worn”

Faded Edwin Nashville jeans

Share Your Best Denim Fades With Other Indigo Addicts – Send Us Pictures

I have a confession; I’m a fade junkie. I often find myself falling into reveries about slubby denim and faded indigo. I know I’m not the only denimhead suffering from this syndrome. Four years ago I found a way to self-medicate; I started this website. Now, I’m calling upon you, my fellow indigo addicts, to send us pictures of your well worn denim to help other aficionados get their denim fade kicks.

Less Talk, More Fades!

Rope Dye is all about the love of faded raw denim.

Almost everything we do somehow reverts to denim fades, and we use the website to share our never-ending hunt for the perfect fade with other enthusiasts.

But, sometimes it feels like we’re beating about the bush a little.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s a privilege to work with all the great folks we’ve met in the denim community over the years, but only talking and writing about how to get great denim fades just isn’t enough. Papa needs some sugar!

Introducing Well Worn

That’s why we’re bringing the send-us-your-fades feature from our Instagram to the main site with the Well Worn category. This is where the fades you send us will go.

In Well Worn, you can already find all the great denim fades we’ve shared over the years; our “hall of fades” if you like (not to be confused with Keat Chan’s great website). Well Worn will also be home to all the DWC fades once they start kicking in.

Send Us Pictures and a Few Words

So, dear reader, if you have a pair of well worn jeans that you feel other denim junkies would get a kick from, please send a few photographs of them over to us along with a few words about yourself, the denim, and how you’ve reached fade perfection.

Fill out this submissions questionnaire and send an email to [email protected] with your best denim fades today! Please follow our denim photography guide and send us high res unedited pictures of the front and back as well as all the great details of the jeans.

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