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V Shop: Mail-in Chain Stitching

Union Special 43200G chain stitch machine in V Shop, Ghent

Belgium’s Leading Raw Denim Retailer Accepts Mail-In Chain Stitch Hemming

Chain stitching, more specifically chain stitching on a Union Special 43200G, is a service in high demand among the selvedge denim community. While it is not an easily accessible service on a global scale, the very few stores that do offer chain stitching often don’t allow denimheads to mail-in their brand new or pre-loved jeans for hemming. Fortunately for those living in mainland Europe, Arlo Vidts of V Shop accepts mail-in hemming as well as walk-ins.

The Belgium retailer, based in the East Flanders capital of Ghent, opened its doors in November 2013.

For the past year, V Shop have ensured their store is stocked with the best brands from Europe, Japan, and the United States, for the burgeoning Belgian clientele.

Although growing, the denim community in Belgium is still small, so Arlo has chosen to expand his reach by offering mail-in chain stitching; a service he believes to be an important aspect of the store.

Originally trained by Giles Padmore of Iron Heart International, Arlo spends his downtime practicing, maintaining, and browsing the web for Union Special sewing machines, always looking to improve his service.

For more information on the mail-in service (including price inquiries), contact Arlo direct at [email protected] or via V Shop’s Facebook page.

If you are a Belgium local, or just holidaying in Ghent, pay V Shop a visit. The shop is located at Hoogpoort 13, 9000 Ghent, Belgium.

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