Japan Blue Make Côte d’Ivoire Cotton Jean For A Good Cause

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Japan Blue Take Denim Collaborations to the Next Level with Their Côte d’Ivoire Cotton Jeans

This denim collaboration is one for the history books. Not only are the collaborating parties a private company and a nation state, it also has a higher goal than simply making great jeans; 1% of all sales turnover will be donated to Côte d’Ivoire and its cotton farmers.

The avid reader might recall a mention of a special collaboration project between a Japanese denim brand and an Africa country in our July-coverage of Bread & Butter.

Japan Blue, the brand from the people behind Momotaro that aims to bring a value-for-money offering, showcased this very special jean that will see the hard-tried Côte d’Ivoirean farmers relieved with a bit of cash injection.

Subtle Nation Co-Branding

The styling of the jeans is minimalistic, as we have come to know Japan Blue garments, and the fit is the best-selling Tapered. A unique feature of the jeans is the colour of the selvedge edges. One side has the yellow, white, and green colours of the Côte d’Ivoirean flag while the other has the classic redline, which conveniently has the colours of the Japanese flag.

The quality of the denim reflects the rich texture of Côte d’Ivoire’s cotton, which is hand-picked without the use of any harvesting machinery. As Japan Blue write in the press release, this cotton is:

“sometimes referred to as the ‘purest’ cotton.”

The Best Way to Support a Good Cause: Buying Jeans

This isn’t, in fact, the first time the Japan Blue Group send charity to Côte d’Ivoire. Back in 2006, the company sent a chunk of money to the West African country to help revitalise Cote d’Ivoire’s cotton industry, which had suffered from civil war.

Pick up a pair from Japan Blue’s online shop or one of the brand’s retailers (like Context Clothing where they retail for $199) to give something back to the people that work hard to provide you with quality denim.

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