The Guys from Red Wing Are Making a Statement in Munich

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Josh and Kay From Red Wing Berlin, Hamburg and Munich Want To Deck Out the German South

If this is not your first time on Denimhunters, you have probably noticed that we are pretty tight with the guys who run the Red Wing stores in Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich. They have helped us out with numerous articles and how-to guides and they are always chipping in with a little bit of advice for you, our dear readers. Now they have embarked on a new exciting venture that we think you will find interesting, at least we do!

A Question About Blue, Out of the Blue

It must have been at the summer edition of Bread & Butter when I ran into Kay Knipshild, founder and owner of the three Red Wing stores. Totally out of the blue he posed a question:

“If you were to choose 10 of the best denim brands to cover every customer, what would they be?”

I rattled off a few names off the top of my head. He smiled, nodded and wandered off; leaving me with a “what the hell was that all about” feeling.

The Answer Soon Came: They Were Opening a Shop

It was a few months later, when Josh, who’s the general manager of the Red Wing stores, posed the same question. It was then I knew something crazy was in the works.

Together, Josh and Kay were opening a store to cater customers with everything they need from the boots up. And you know we were interested. They’ve named it Statement, and it won’t have a hard time living up to that name.

But Where?

First the right location had to be found. And it was. Munich is the new home of the venture.

The guys recently opened up a Red Wing Shoes Store there and found that their customers were hungry for more than just boots. They wanted other items that carried the same ideals and qualities as a pair of Red Wings.

Then came the question about what brands to carry? This was not so simple to answer.

Munich is a very different animal to Berlin or Hamburg in fashion, customer, and expectation. Something they realised when opening the Red Wing store. In the end, their selection of denim brands is as eclectic as it is on point.

The Who’s Who of Denim

Let me run the selection down for you.

We have Iron Heart, Rogue Territory, Levi’s Vintage Clothing, Edwin, 3sixteen, Japan Blue Jeans, Indigofera, Warehouse, Stevenson Overalls Co., Heller’s Café, Stetson, White’s Boots, Tanner Goods, Santa Rosa, Filson, Talonmade, Ondura, and last but not least, Indigo People.

There Are Vintage Pieces and Chain Stitching as Well

As if a selection like this wasn’t enough, Statement will offer a range of vintage finds from the flea markets of America. Kay has a keen eye for the really special stuff.

You will also be able to get your brand new raw denims hemmed, even the monstrous 25 oz. ones, on a proper chain stitch machine.

A Loud and Clear Statement!

All in all, Josh and Kay are looking to make a statement in the streets of Munich. They want to tell people what raw denim is and what it can bring to them. They want to deck you out with the best boots, the best wallets, and the best bag. We at Rope Dye salute the brave missionaries and wish them well on their quest.

Take your time and have a good look through the pictures. The place looks fantastic!

Early next year, we plan to make our own little pilgrimage to the mission. See how the guys are getting on, have a chat, a few beers, and bring you a proper impression of the place. Personally, I can’t wait!

For contact details and daily updates, check out their website.

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