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Obbi Good Label Open New Unconventional Concept Store

Obbi Good Label Concept Store Denimhunters

Obbi Good Label Provide A Space For Leather Lover Without Unnecessary Airs and Graces

Our friends over at Obbi Good Label have been quiet for a while. With the news of their newly opened leather boutique, we understand why; they’ve created an entirely new concept for a leather goods store.

A New Direction For A Leather Store

The store, located in Singapore, has a very specific goal in mind. The concept is to provide customers a place to ‘seek out consultation’ in regards to leather goods. The environment is quiet and comfortable, filled with the scent of leather and the sense that things are being made there.

“Too many leather goods shops we’ve visited are trying to emulate a kind of Native American theme; we’re having none of that. Nor do we want the high-class status of those luxury brands, like Louis Vuitton or Prada. We want something totally new,” Obbi’s James Dung puts it.

The idea harks from the bespoke tailor shops but concentrating on the leather craft. Thereby they provide customers with the perfect leather pieces for their needs.

This shop displays ready-made leather bags, wallets, belts as well as ‘used’ pieces to illustrate how leather will age and patina with time and wear. Dung adds:

“What we really want is a different type of leather goods shop. One in which we can showcase and display handmade leather goods in a different appealing way.”

To show the products in the best possible ways, the lighting in the shop not only adds to the general feeling of nostalgia and comfort but also perfectly highlights the pieces on show, enhancing their already aged condition.

Where the Magic Happens

In the corner of the shop, you will find the small workshop area where the products are crafted. This area is restricted to leather craft masters only distinguished by their in special workman’s aprons.

“Visitors are always in awe when they see our workshop area, especially when they see the vintage machines used to make their leather goods,” James says.

Behind the workshop area, you will find a crafting table (design area) with various types of tools. This is the place where master craftsmen will discuss with customers on customising leather goods. By drafting out the design, by cutting small pieces of leather samples, it is in this area, designs on paper become a reality.

From Humble Beginnings

From their humble beginnings of simply making the best product possible, Obbi Good Label have deservedly risen to be a notable and influential name in the heritage-inspired leather world. Stay tuned to see what they will do next!

The new concept store can be found here.

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