Beards and Boots: Release Party for Red Wing Post, Issue 2

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Red Wing Explore New Terrain and Retrace Old Paths In Issue 2 of the Red Wing Post

Some things just don’t come round often enough; the Red Wing Post is one of them. So, when the annually released newspaper drops, there is cause for celebration.

The Red Wing Post is a collection of all things Red Wing; celebrating the company’s illustrious 110-year history. Throughout the paper, you will find tales about the history of the Red Wing, anecdotes from die-hard Red Wing wearers, glimpses into the archive and detailed stories from the new bread of Red Wing wearers.

Up and down Germany, the Red Wing Shoe Stores put on beers and food, and brought together Red Wing fans from far and wide. Naturally, there were a lot of beards, bikes and tattoos to go with the great chat and a chance to catch up with good friends.

Head into your nearest Red Wing Shoes Store and pick up a copy.

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