The Best Heavyweight Selvedge Denim Around (According To Okayama Denim)

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Find Out Why Okayama Denim Claim That Pure Blue Japan’s XX-013-18 Are the Best Heavyweight Selvedge Denim Jeans Right Now

What exactly makes a denim “the best”? Personally, I prefer unsanforized denim in the 14-16 oz. range with a subtle vintage-style slub and the potential to get that ocean blue indigo shade. That’s why Indigofera’s shrink-to-prima-fit denim is one of my absolute favourites.

The other day, Okayama Denim’s Mehervan Sehti (who usually just goes by Merv) sent out a newsletter titled “The best damn heavyweight selvedge around!”. I had to find out why Merv thinks this denim is the best around; he’s answer makes perfect sense.

Why the XX-013-18 the Best Heavyweight Jeans Around, According To Okayama Denim

“The reasons we think these are the best damn heavyweight jeans out there are:

For one, it is one of our favourite cuts (which also happens to be Pure Blue Japan’s bestselling one), the Slim Tapered. The fit is excellent for those looking for a flattering slim tapered fit with a narrow leg opening and strong taper from the thigh down.

Secondly, the fabric. Pure Blue Japan stick to what they know best; seriously slubby and hairy fabrics, now updated to 18 oz. in weight. Some denimheads may think a true heavyweight is 25 oz. or 32 oz., but 18 oz. is an ideal weight for everyday wear, while still providing all the perks of a heavyweight denim like the intense contrast and fading. This fabric fades fast and beautifully.

Finally, we just love the construction on Pure Blue Japan’s jeans. The contrast stitching, the leather patch, the iconic leaf logo and blue selvedge ID all come together in a single garment.”

Pure Blue Japan PBJ XX-013-18-slim-tapered, front and back
Pure Blue Japan PBJ XX-013-18-slim-tapered, details – 9
Pure Blue Japan PBJ XX-013-18-slim-tapered, details – 7
Pure Blue Japan PBJ XX-013-18-slim-tapered, details – 8

The Details of the Pure Blue Japan XX-013-18 Jeans

Let’s take a closer look at the details of these jeans.

As Merv mentions, the Slim Tapered XX-013-18 jeans are made from the 18 oz. slubby indigo fabric that Pure Blue Japan added to their lineup in the last year.

Pure Blue Japan is known for using fabrics made on low-tension shuttle looms, which gives the characteristic slubby and hairy appearance and touch. This 18 oz. denim is certainly no exception.

At a glimpse, the details are:

  • 18 oz. Japanese selvedge denim
  • Slim Tapered fit
  • Five-button fly
  • Blue selvedge ID
  • Lambskin leather patch
  • Retail at $245 at Okayama Denim (with free worldwide shipping included)

Since production output of the fabric is limited, Pure Blue Japan can only make a certain amount of jeans each year. So get a pair while they last!

The jeans are available as both raw and onewash – we recommend the raw option. Click here to buy it!.

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