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A Look at Selvedge Run, Matt Wilson’s Other Gig.


How Selvedge Run Came Out of The Blocks

About 18 months ago or so, during the winter Berlin fashion week, a couple of announcements were made. The first shook up the fashion scene in Berlin and indeed, Europe as a whole. The cancellation and eventual closure of the mighty Bread & Butter as an exclusive B2B platform came seemingly out of nowhere and left a lot of the industry scratching their heads and asking, what now?

The Question Answered

A quiet answer came in a restaurant in the leafy (or at least it would have been leafy if it had not been in the middle of winter)  Prenzlauer Berg area of Berlin. Gathered there was a very select group of brands, makers and artisans. They all shared one thing in common, the love of a well crafted, well-envisioned product. They were there to hear the announcement of a new trade show, Selvedge Run.

What’s It All About?

The Selvedge Run’s focus was to be on the very best of menswear. Brands that shared the same diligent adherence to craft and quality. Many of these brands would be denim but the qualities found in a good pair of jeans, namely ethical manufacture, longevity, narrative and character can be found in a plethora of other items in the menswear scene.

A Captivating Concept

From my side, I was captivated by the concept. After talking to Andreas Becker, who along with Shane Brandenburg and Maria Klähn (co-owners of Burg & Schild), founded the Selvedge Run. An interview was arranged. Not long after that interview went live, I wrote to Andreas enquiring as to a position. Then the roller-coaster started.

Learning on the Job

Setting up a tradeshow is no simple feat and the 5 months leading up the the first edition was a steep learning curve for us all. But the show was a success. It put the Selvedge Run on the map. Brands and visitors alike understood the concept of the show and the necessity of Berlin as a destination on the trade show circuit. What started off with 40-odd brands taking a leap of faith doubled in size by the second show in January 2016. The demand for space also meant a move into the centre of town and the Selvedge Run found itself in the famous Berlin landmark, the Kulturbrauerei.

Coming into its Own

The summer show took place at the end of June 2016, and it was obvious that the show had really come into its stride. We found a great mixture of not only the best denim from around the world, but also the very best in non-denim brands realised the value of a show where the visitors knew and understood the philosophy behind the wares on display.

1000 Words or More

As you can probably tell, none of the enthusiasm or belief in the project has waned over the last couple of years. I could go on to write a book, but as they say, a picture tells a thousand words. So a video will tell a good deal more. Take a little time to see what the Selvedge Run is all about and meet a few of the faces behind the brands, stores and press who bring you all this good gear.


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