So what the hell happened to the Rope Dye Vlog?

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The Rope Dye Vlog is back. And better than ever. We hope.

About a year ago, probably over a beer or three at the Rope Dye HQ, a thought occurred to us. What would happen if we took all the passion we have for denim and well-crafted menswear, and instead of writing it down, talked about it on film? The notion of the Rope Dye Vlog was born.

And after a couple of episodes. Died. Well, didn’t die. Fell into a long coma.

But now, thanks to the wonder of modern technology…. We’re back and Matt has a quick explanation for you guys as to what caused the delay.

Where it all began

Over here, you can find the first episode and find out what this is all about.

These things cost how f*#king much?!?!

And here, you can learn about setting a budget and how this influences your choices down the line.

Whats Next?

Next up we will be looking in depth into that tricky subject of finding the perfect fit. Stay tuned.

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