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Butts and Shoulders New Colourways

Dutch leather masters, Butts and Shoulders, add three new types of leather to their range.

Butts and Shoulders made a name for themselves producing what we feel is (probably) the best leather bag money can buy. The founders set out to create a product with no compromises made in the quality of the materials or the construction methods used.

The results speak for themselves. Made from 100% natural veg tanned leather, the bags are made to last a lifetime and evolve as the owner travels the globe picking up a unique patina along the way.

Evolution of the collection

They started as a big ol’ travel bag and soon after released a worker bag, post bag and a range of smaller leather accessories which took advantage of the offcuts of making the larger bags. As little as possible went to waste!

If the shoe fits

The next logical step for a company with expertise in leather goods was, of course, a boot followed closely by a trainer. Both using the same beautiful natural leather used to make the bags and guaranteed to grow more beautiful with age.

The bags, boots and accessories were a great success leaving us wondering what they guys would come up with next. And they don’t disappoint.

Where to next?

Instead of adding another product to the range, Butts and Shoulders have explored other leather offerings that add another dimension to the collection.

Their Goodyear-welted boots are now also available Cognac, Brown and Black leather. All hand numbered and produced in Portugal. The sneakers are also available in the Cognac, Brown and Black leather, hand numbered and produced in Portugal. And the worker bags are now available in Brown and Black, all individually numbered and produced in Holland.

Opening Up the Brand

With these new leathers, the brand really opens up its offerings making the products appealing a much wider audience. Head over to the Butts and Shoulders website to peruse the full range.

Butts and Shoulders – The Boots from Butts and Shoulders on Vimeo.

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